Kyo Suayan is a Photoshop fanatic, audio enthusiast, culinary observer, outdoor adventurer and art lover.

Photo of Death Valley Copyright © Kyo Suayan. 2008. All rights reserved.



  1. I came across one of your posts and thought I would share this Fifty States HALF Marathon Club site with you. Feel free to take a look to see if you might have interest in joining.


    The 100 HALF ANYWHERE CHALLENGE is exclusive to half marathons and half ironmans, but can be completed in ANY state.

    BUT our 50 STATE CHALLENGE accepts marathons, half marathons, half ironmans, and full ironmans ALL TO COUNT TOWARD YOUR 50 STATE GOAL (any of those events can count toward a state)!

    We are having a member event for members to meet members from all over on January 30th down in Florida at the weekend event of ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon for those club members that can make it. And then we will be holding an annual event and give out awards annually in a different state every year.

    Check the site out share with your friends, and hope to have you as new members!

    Nicole Blomgren
    Founder & CEO
    Fifty States HALF Marathon Club

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